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Pre-Application Disclosure

Customer Agency & Fee Agreement

(Note: In the following disclosure, I or me=applicant; you=mortgage broker)

New York loans are arranged with 3rd party lenders

You have advised me that you are authorized to provide me assistance in securing financing. I understand that your services may include, but are not limited to:


  1. Counseling on available loan financing products.
  2. Counseling on general loan qualification procedures and requirements;
  3. Counseling on our debt service and finance capabilities;
  4. Assistance in completing loan applications
  5. Additional assistance in processing the loan application and meeting any conditions of the loan commitment, such as title , insurance, appraisal, income verification, mortgage verification and deposit verification

I hereby agree to engage you as my agent for the purpose of advising me about financing and to provide the services described above. This agency will continue until the earlier of the education of my loan request, the closing of my loan or my termination of your services. I acknowledge that prior to paying any fees or completing any application, I was advised of the following:

  • You are not authorized to make mortgage loans or commitments.
  • You cannot guarantee acceptance into any particular loan program, not can you promise any specific loan terms or conditions.
  • Your services are advisory and administrative in nature.

I understand that the rate, points and other terms as quoted in the commitment by or on behalf of the lender, encompass the consideration to be received by the mortgage broker (Mortgage Town USA, Inc.) from a lender for your services. I understand the maximum points, including premium pricing; payable by the lender to you (Mortgage Town USA, Inc.) is not known at this time but will be disclosed to me at the of lock in or when the rate is set. The maximum points paid, including premium pricing payable by the lender to you, shall not exceed 0-4%. I also understand that any points to be paid by me to you will be 0-4% of the loan amount and acknowledge that this mortgage broker fee will be paid to you. I further acknowledge that there is no other mortgage broker fee agreement between us. Mortgage Town USA, Inc. mortgage loan products may impose a prepayment penalty on the borrower. Mortgage Town USA, Inc. will notify me of any such prepayment conditions when the lender issues the approval. This will be furnished to me at or before the commitment and therefore with my full acceptance of this penalty.

I understand that in addition to the above fees, Mortgage Town USA, Inc. for the services stated below will charge the following fees:


� Appraisal Fee: N/A

� Processing Fee: $346.00

� Credit Report Fee: $19.00


I understand that the name of a person that I may call if I have any questions regarding my loan application is Elaine M. Duphiney at 800-633-2274 Mortgage Town USA , Inc.

I have read the Fee Agreement.


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